Fundraiser set for IAAPA attractions expo in Orlando honoring Mark Moore

After his tragic death, Moore’s family and his company Uremet, ensure his legacy with fundraiser and unprecedented Roller Coaster Museum expansion

PLAINVIEW, Texas;  (September 26, 2016) – After the tragic death of National Roller Coaster Museum founding board member Mark Moore in July, his family and business wanted to ensure legacy while supporting the efforts of the National Roller Coaster Museum in which he strongly believed.   

Moore was a true amusement industry pioneer.  In 1982 he the founded Uremet, an industry leading urethane wheel manufacturer where he remained as president. Moore brought his business acumen and a strong, innovative vision to the NRCMA board over his eight years as a member of the organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the legacy of the amusement park industry.

A fundraiser is planned for the International Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo in Orlando this November sponsored by Uremet and the Moore family with the goal to endow an expansion of the Museum’s Plainview, Texas archive facility in Moore’s name. 

“It is appropriate for the industry to recognize Mark,” Gary Slade, NRCMA Chairman said.  “Mark Moore was an innovator in the industry and a positive force behind the efforts of the Roller Coaster Museum.  Participating in a fundraiser honoring Mark and benefitting the NRCMA is a perfect fit.”

With the Mark Moore Memorial fundraiser, the NRCMA is proposing to double the size of its current archive facility and to create a showroom for public access to select artifacts within the Museum’s collection.  The expansion will be named for Moore and will quantify his success in the industry and his support of the NRCMA. 

“We are always looking for facilities interested in our mobile or custom exhibits,” Slade said.  “In order to continue to acquire artifacts and create exhibits like the one at Dollywood, we need the industry to support us and to help us expand.   This Mark Moore memorial fundraiser is a perfect time to donate and create a lasting legacy for Mark and to preserve our history for generations to come.  If we don’t act soon, much of the history of the industry will be lost forever.

The NRCMA is an unaffiliated, 501 (c)3 non-profit organizations dedicated to the protection and preservation of historic roller coasters and amusement park artifacts and memorabilia to document and archive the history of the amusement park industry in a dynamic environment while providing the most complete repository of information and documents regarding the amusements industry. 

To donate to the NRCMA to aid in the protection and preservation of historic roller coasters and amusement park artifacts:

mail to: NRCMA, attention: Jeff Novotny, NRCMA treasurer, PO Box 5424, Arlington, Texas 76005-5424

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